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Vajacial in Las Vegas: Luxury Intimate Skin Care Service

Updated: Jul 6

Model in blue swimwear
Vajacial treatment at Bawse Beauty Studio Las Vegas, Nevada

What is a vajacial service in Las Vegas?

A vajacial is a luxury spa treatment performed on the vulva skin, primarily focusing on the mons pubis, bikini line and outer labia. In short, it is a facial for your vulva skin also known as a Bikini Facial. At Bawse Beauty Studio Las Vegas, we classify services for the vulva skin "Intimate Skin Care". Our intimate skin care services help maintain healthy and hydrated skin in the intimate area.

5 Benefits of a vajacial:

1. Treats and prevents ingrown hair

2. Removes dead skin cells and smooths texture of the skin

3. Correct and prevent discoloration of the skin with brightening ingredients

4. Kills bacteria on and below the intimate skin

5. Promotes body positivity and confidence

What should I expect during a vajacial service?

Well, that depends on which Vajacial service you book. We have 3 vajacial services at Bawse Beauty Studio Las Vegas:

What is the difference between the 3 Vajacials?

Our Purrfect Kitty Vajacial is a 50-minute treatment, which includes:

  • A steam cleanse with a lactic cleanser to exfoliate allowing more moisture to the new skin below.

  • Physical exfoliation with brush

  • A mild lemon enzyme exfoliant that also brightens,

  • Extractions of ingrown hairs and black heads + high frequency to kill bacteria

  • A Brightening treatment mask

  • Completed with a skin brightening serum or spot treatment and hydrating moisturizer.

Our Elite Kitty Vajacial + Brazilian wax service is a 50-minute treatment that consists of

  • A steam cleanse with a lactic cleanser

  • Physical exfoliation

  • Fruit enzyme mask

  • Brazilian Wax

  • black head & ingrown extractions, high frequency

  • A soothing mask and moisturizer.

Our Pretty Kitty Lightening Vajacial service is a 60-minute treatment that consists of

Should I get a vajacial?

A vajacial aids in the maintenance and upkeep of hair removal in the intimate area. It also promotes cosmetic benefits to the appearance of the vulva skin, elevates body positivity and overall allowing women to feel more secure about their intimate skin. Finally, vajacials are a great stress reliever and helps with intimate skin care. If any of these benefits piques your interest, and you have skin concerns in your intimate area, then you should definitely book a vajacial.

Book an Intimate Skin Service today!

What products do you use? Is it safe for sensitive skin?

At Bawse Beauty Studio we use all natural ingredients that are safe for intimate skin.

**📝 To avoid over exfoliation, please book your Purrfect Kitty Treatment 1-2 weeks after Brazilian wax or shaving. This service consists of both chemical and physical exfoliation in the bikini area. Waxing or Shaving is also a method of physical exfoliation and for this reason we don’t perform the two services together.

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